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Ann Marie Roberts, Stoneham​ - "I am so happy I joined Fire Up Fitness! This place is amazing! Sheri is so motivating and she makes you feel so comfortable. I love it. Sheri has helped me do things that I have flat out told myself repeatedly in the past that I couldn't do! Not only am I down pounds, I feel good, I have more energy every day, I am drinking more water on a daily basis than I have ever in my life, I completely cut out soda, which I thought I could never ever do, I feel stronger when I work out, I am picking up heavier weights, I am planking longer than I thought I could and I am able to push myself just a little further than before. Thank you Sheri!"

Pam Feliciano, Stoneham - "I love coming to your classes, Sheri. You motivate me! I lost 5 pounds during your 17-Day Challenge!"

Helen Wallace, Stoneham - I am loving this place! Sheri truly cares about you and your fitness journey! Classes are awesome and everyone is very friendly and encouraging! Great place!

Ashley Castillo, Somerville - Sheri is amazing! She fires up everyday with amazing workouts that my body never gets use to. The workouts are constantly challenging my body to be better and stronger. I'm sore after ever workout, so I know my body is constantly she is so motivating with her corky, fun humor! She will push you when you need it but will always allow room to grow when you can not do something....I'm on a way to improving myself and l'm so grateful to have her in my corner as my friend and trainer.

Sue Hickey, Winchester - Sheri is unlike anyone I've ever met. She's hands on, she cares about her clients, and you never leave her workouts without feeling accomplished. Absolutely spectacular and special individual. Also, her clients are equally awesome, everyone is supportive of one another. Best thing I've ever done.

Holly Lannen, Wakefield  —  Awesome studio! First time in my life I've enjoyed working out. Can't wait to finally be fit and ready for ski season. Sheri is a fantastic trainer. Love the mix of different exercises for full body workout.

Susan Brosnahan, Medford  - Sheri is amazing on so many levels! The energy, enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge...are just the tip of the iceberg! I love it, my kids love will not be disappointed! The way Sheri plans her workouts make it so fun and yet so effective that not only does it not feel like a grind but the physical improvements happen pretty quickly! Thank you Fire Up Fitness!

Mandy Riddell, Billerica — Awesome workouts, fun classes.  Sheri kicks a**!

Patty Barr, Stoneham - "Just want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to fireupfitness!! you are helping me transform my body!! I never felt stronger in my life. More energy than ever. I hit 57 and I cant wait to buy a bikini this summer!! Something I haven't worn in 15+ years! FireUpFitness rocks!!!"

Patty McNaughton, Stoneham — I've been "Firing Up" since Sept. 2015 and have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now! Sheri is a fantastic trainer. The personal attention (of which I was a little apprehensive about) is fantastic and is specific to each client at each workout. I can have a workout with people that range in age from 18-75 and Sheri will push and encourage each one specifically towards their individual fitness goals. Also you will never be bored as Every workout I've attended has worked nearly all muscle groups and has NEVER been the same! So whatever your fitness goals are this is the place to be!

"Sheri's Small Group Training Sessions are like a Scorprion Bowl...a concoction of all sorts of FAST, FUN Exercises that make you Laugh, Smile & Sweat, but don't really hit you until afterwards, and then you're like "Hell Yeah! I'm coming back for more!"

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