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July, 2020

 You’ve joined the gyms, attempted the bootcamps, tried the specialty classes, 

started the diet programs, watched the videos….you’ve walked,  jogged, kickboxed, 

latin danced and cross-trained your body into a state of exhaustion while spending 

countless dollars on fitness memberships, virtual programs, apps and home equipment. 

Fire Up Fitness is about to change all that with Customized Training

in a Small Group Setting. Get Fired Up!

Fire Up's Unique Combination of Customized Strength Training, Cardio & Cutting Edge Interval Programs are Poised to Save You Time and Will Get You Fit, Fast!

2 Workouts Per Week Is All It Takes to Start!

Fire Up Your Physique for Life!

Fire Up Your Physique for Life

Let Out Some Stress while You Hit the Heavy Bag & Learn Fun Mitt Drills to Keep you Moving. Our Non-Contact Fitness Boxing Bootcamps promise you All-Over Body Conditioning & a Fun Fitness Experience.


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Get Fit from Home, at Your Office, Outside or from Anywhere!

Fire Up's Virtual Small Group Training Programs can be streamed Live on Zoom and are offered

On-Demand through several social media apps.

Whether you're just starting out, trying to get back into shape post-pregnancy, have certain limitations or are a seasoned athlete, private personal training gives you a customized approach to your own specific needs and goals.

Private Training

Your kids won't do these Fired Up Skills Drills in their gym class!

We Fire Up their Balance, Coordination, Stability, Speed, Jumping Ability, Agility, Motor Skills and Full Body Strength with loads of Fun Games, Fitness Toys and Lots of Movement! Ages 6-12.

Tween & Teen Options Available